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What is Mill Hollow Summer Camp?

Mill Hollow is an Outdoor Education Center founded in 1964, 15 miles to the SouthEast of Woodland, Utah. Teachers and staff guide children through an indelible learning experience over 3 days and 2 nights in the High Uintas.

What is the Registration Process?

Group Leaders for elementary, charter or home school camp group:

  1. Check session availability and submit the Group Leader Registration Form on this page. This gives us an estimated group size (actual count can be finalized later) and lets us know which session date(s) you're interested in. You can also request a Mill Hollow assembly at your school.
  2. The Mill Hollow registrar will review your request and contact you to finalize your session date(s) based on availability, and to schedule your assembly if requested.
  3. We will then add your session(s) to the Camper Registration Form for your campers to select.
  4. After we give you the go-ahead, you can instruct your campers to register individually online (process detailed below).
  5. Your group will need to include at least one adult chaperon for every 20 campers. These can be teachers or volunteer parents and each is required to submit the online application here.
  7. On the first day of camp, Mill Hollow vehicles will meet your group at your school and transport you to camp!

Campers with a School Group:

  1. Explore our website and get excited!
  2. Your Group Leader will tell you when it's time to register, so please wait until that time so you will be placed with your school group.
  3. After your Group Leader gives you the go-ahead, click here to register online.
  4. On the first day of camp, Mill Hollow vehicles will meet your group at your school and transport you to camp!
  5. Please read the notices below.

Campers without a School Group:

  1. Explore our website and get excited!
  2. You may register online anytime the registration form is available.
  3. We will contact you prior to your camp session to arrange transportation to camp in a Mill Hollow vehicle.
  4. Please read the notices below.

Adult Chaperons:

  1. Please contact the Group Leader of your camper's school to find out if additional chaperons are needed.
  2. If asked by your Group Leader to participate, please click Apply Online under "Teacher" or "Volunteer" on our Employment page.
  3. Teachers who meet the minimum qualifications will be compensated. See details on our Employment page.
  4. Volunteer chaperons must have a camper (legal child or ward) in the group with which they attend.
  5. On the first day of camp, Mill Hollow vehicles will meet your group at your school and transport you to camp!


  1. Initial Special Needs Notification Form must be submitted three weeks before camp session. Additional forms will be provided to parents/guardians who complete the Initial Special Notification Needs Form. These forms are required to be with your camper in order to board Mill Hollow transportation.
  2. COMPLETED PAPERWORK FOR MEDICATION - Medical authorization form must be signed by parent/guardian AND physician for any medications sent with campers.
  3. COMPLETED PAPERWORK FOR SPECIAL MEALS - Medical authorization form must be signed by parent/guardian AND physician for any dietary restrictions for campers.

Who runs the camp?

Mill Hollow was created and managed by Granite School District*, until 2014 when funding became unavailable due to legislative changes. A non-profit organization called Team Mill Hollow has now assumed stewardship of Mill Hollow to continue the program and tradition.

Who is Team Mill Hollow?

Team Mill Hollow is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization comprised of former Mill Hollow staff members and campers. The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who donate their time and talents to ensure the program remains viable for years to come.

How does the summer camp program work?

Team Mill Hollow is running the summer camp program as it has been run in previous years. However, it has now been opened to ALL children in Utah ages 8-12, rather than a select geographical area. Certified teachers will act as group leaders to campers from their own school and to support campers from other areas. There will need to be one certified teacher for every 60 campers and at least one parent volunteer or teacher for every 20 campers. Teachers will stay in a separate cabin from campers. Students will stay with cabin counselors employed by Mill Hollow.

How much is tuition?

The programs available at any given time, along with competitive tuition for each one, can be found on the Camper Registration Form. Team Mill Hollow has succeeded in reducing our cost to host each camper from previous seasons, in order to keep tuition as low as possible. In previous seasons, Granite School District* was able to heavily subsidize tuition for their students through legislative funding that was lost in 2012. Unfortunately, without that funding, Team Mill Hollow is unable to subsidise tuition for all our campers. The summer camp program is currently funded exclusively through tuition, with donations going toward tuition scholarships.

Are tuition scholarships available?

Yes! We are constantly engaged in an ongoing effort to gain private and corporate donations to fund partial tuition scholarships. Recipients are expected to contribute a portion of their own tuition, whether through a financial commitment, a volunteer project while at camp, or a scientific assignment, to ensure that they are committed to attending, and so the fund can benefit as many campers as possible. Because scholarships are limited, they are available only to campers who can demonstrate a real need. The number of available varies each season depending on the amount of donations given to our scholarship fund.

What does my tuition pay for?

Tuition goes toward: staff and teacher salary; Mill Hollow repairs and maintenance; fuel (diesel for generators and propane for appliances); supplies; food; transportation; equipment; etc. All tuition proceeds and donations are used to benefit the Mill Hollow program, to ensure that it is viable for generations to come. Team Mill Hollow is a strictly voluntary organization.

Is the Mill Hollow program now for-profit?

No. Team Mill Hollow is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. We employ and pay seasonal staff to run the educational program but Team Mill Hollow board members are unpaid. All tuition proceeds and donations are used to benefit the Mill Hollow program, to ensure that it is viable for generations to come.

Who can attend Mill Hollow?

All Utah children from 8-12 years of age can attend the Mill Hollow Summer Camp program. Community and private groups can also attend Mill Hollow by reserving weekend dates in advance. Hiking trails are on US Forest Service land, and are open to the public.

When does Mill Hollow open/close for the season?

The Mill Hollow season typically runs from mid-June - September each year, weather permitting. This is subject to change in any given camp season.

Can Mill Hollow accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes. Mill Hollow can accommodate special dietary needs in two ways. If sufficient prior notice is provided (minimum of 3 weeks notice) special arrangements can be made with the Mill Hollow kitchen. As an alternative, Mill Hollow is happy to store special food items sent to Mill Hollow with your child. A Special Needs Form and Medical Authorization Form are required.

Can Mill Hollow accommodate special needs?

We are able to accomodate many special needs and are thrilled to do so. It is recommended that any children with special needs attend Mill Hollow with a teacher or parent volunteer that is familiar with their unique situation. Please send us an email or call 385-325-CAMP to discuss specific questions.

Who works at Mill Hollow?

Campers are guided through the high Uintas by qualified and certified teachers with the support of volunteer parents. Cabin Counselors lead campers through evening activities. Kitchen staff and Hosts/Hostesses provide ancillary services. Managers act as on-site caretakers and Mill Hollow experts. All staff and volunteers undergo a full background check.

What is Mill Hollow’s safety record?

Safety is our #1 priority at Mill Hollow. We are very fortunate and pleased to have had only minor incidents over the years. All staff are CPR and First-Aid certified. Children are supervised at all times and Mill Hollow rules and best practices help us avoid mishaps. In other words, we have a superb safety record, and continue to take proactive steps to avoid accidents.

How is the Fall program different from the Summer program?

When the school year begins in August each year, seasonal staff is reduced if a fall program is being offered that year. Teachers still have the option of bringing their campers to Mill Hollow, but their efforts will not be supplemented by Cabin Counselors. It is recommended that parent volunteers and chaperons attend with each group to assist teachers.

Can I schedule my private group during weekdays?

Private groups are only permitted while campers are not attending the summer camp program. There may be limited availability during the season for groups to reserve the center during weekdays if a camp program is not in session at the time. Please submit a reservation inquiry form and include any questions about specific weekdays.

Can I bring a pocket knife to Mill Hollow?

Campers are prohibited from bringing weapons of any kind to Mill Hollow, including pocket knives. Any necessary tools will be provided by Mill Hollow staff, or can be purchased at the trading post, to ensure a safe environment for all our campers.

What Is Mill Hollow?

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Summer Staff

This Is Mill Hollow!

Going to camp is easy, so get excited and let the info below guide you!

The Legend of Mill Hollow

The Legend of Mill Hollow

"No offense to family, friends and Xboxes waiting at home, but a lot of kids really didn't want to leave the Mill Hollow Outdoor Education Center last Friday afternoon. Three days of summer camp high in the Uinta Mountains zipped by too fast."

Full story at

Mountain Air Leads to High Jinks

"Perhaps it's the cheesy campfire songs sung by thousands of people over five decades. Or maybe it's the thrill of chasing panhandling squirrels, the addictive powers of boondoggling or the exhilarating explorations to distant lakes and pure nature."

Full story at
How Do I Register for Camp?

Mill Hollow is a 3 day, 2 night camp, with sessions running Monday - Wednesday and Wednesday - Friday during June.

Whether you're attending Mill Hollow with a group or individually, registration is easy! Just click "Register Now!" below, or any registration link on this website, then ask a parent or guardian to complete the registration form.

Register Now!
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Scholarships: Apply or Donate
What Should I Bring?
  • SUNGLASSES (optional)
  • HAT or CAP
  • PLASTIC BAG (a large plastic garbage bag for soiled clothing and wet items)
  • SHIRTS & JEANS (recommend at least one long sleeved shirt and one pair of long pants)
  • EXTRA SHOES or LIGHT HIKING BOOTS (No Flip-Flops, all shoes must be closed toe)
  • HYDRATION SYSTEM - Any water bottle should do just fine

We recommend that you write your name on your belongings. Mill Hollow has a lost and found but we are not responsible for misplaced or stolen items.

When and Where is Camper Check-in?

The pickup and drop off location will be at Rosecrest Elementary School because of its quick access to Parley’s Canyon. Depending on your session dates, we will leave the designated location Monday or Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM and arrive home Wednesday or Friday afternoon around 3:00 PM. Students and teachers will travel in buses to and from Mill Hollow Camp.

Pickup & Drop off Details
Rosecrest Elementary
2420 Fisher Lane (2935 So)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84109-250
(Located in the east foothill area)
It can only be reached from 2300 East on 3000 South or Fisher Lane.

Please do not plan to use the restrooms at Rosecrest Elementary. If this is necessary, campers must be escorted by an adult and behavior inside the school should be respectful.

Check In
Camper last name starts with A-L, check in at: 8:30am
Camper last name starts with M-Z, check in at 8:45am
Buses leave promptly at 9:00am

Return / Drop Off
Between 2:40-3:00pm on the last day of camp.
This window allows for traffic, weather conditions and other unforeseen delays.

What is needed for check in?
If you have no medicine or medical forms to check in you will only need to sign in and get your bus assignment. You will then take your belongings to the bus, kiss your loved ones goodbye and board your designated bus.

What do I do with my medical or dietary restrictions form?
Absolutely no medication will be allowed up at Mill Hollow without a proper form. Have your Medical Forms, Dietary Restrictions and other releases completed prior to coming to Mill Hollow check in and turn them in at check in. The medical form requires a doctor's signature so please plan accordingly. A copy of the dietary form should be emailed to in advance as well as presented at check in.

Medication Requirements
If your child needs medication, be prepared to hand over the medication at check in with the provided medical form. Do not remove medication from the bottles or packaging. No baggies of loose medication will be accepted. This includes over the counter medicine. Please place all doctor approved medicine in a gallon sized bag with your child's name on it. Inhalers and EpiPens may remain with the camper after they have been checked in. Please understand, to keep all campers safe, there can be no unknown substances being used without supervision.

Click here to open the Medication Authorization Form in a new tab
Click here to open the Special Meal Request Form in a new tab

What Will I Do At Mill Hollow?

During your stay, you will be able to participate in lots of activities that are both fun and educational - some of the possibilities are listed below! Also, be sure to watch Truman Elementary School's fan video above!

  • Nature hikes designed for both fun and learning about the geology, ecology, and biology of the surrounding Uinta National Forest
  • Chemistry
  • Astronomy
  • Animal-watching from the animal blind
  • Native American and Mountain Man cultural demonstrations
  • Arts & crafts
  • Basketball, volleyball, tetherball
  • Games
  • Trading post
  • Free recreation time
  • Daily flag ceremony
  • Nightly campfire programs with skits, stories, and songs by both campers and staff
  • Various programs, activities, and instruction prepared by individual Group Leaders / Teachers
What Can I Buy at the Trading Post?

The Trading Post has a variety of items available at nominal prices to help campers have a memorable visit. Please do not bring large amounts of money. If money is brought, small bills are preferred.

Some of the items available are:

  • Mill Hollow T-shirts
  • Water bottles & mugs
  • Craft items such as boondoggle, necklace beads, leather bracelets, etc.
  • Personal items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, combs, deodorant, etc.
  • Books and pamphlets such as The Songbook, Nature Trail Guide, and Animal & Bird identification booklets
  • Other things, too, but you get the idea. If you forget to bring something, you might be in luck!

Camp Rules

Don't worry, the Mill Hollow counselors will go over these rules with you at camp and help you remember them! Reading them now will help you prepare for camp, though.

  1. In case of FIRE OR SMOKE in the building: Students will calmly leave the building using the closest exit away from the fire. Go directly to the volleyball court.
  2. In case of an EARTHQUAKE: Students will DROP, COVER and HOLD ON. Three minutes after shaking ends - calmly leave the building. Go directly to the volleyball court.
  3. In case of a POWER FAILURE: Remain calm; follow the directions of your Cabin Counselor or Teacher.
  4. Students are NOT to use the restroom in the lodge. They may use all other restroom facilities.
  5. We are guests of the United States Forest Service and therefore we cannot remove, deface, injure or destroy any plant, animal, rock or man-made structure in the forest.
  6. Please help to keep Mill Hollow clean, all litter must be placed in the garbage cans or other suitable containers.
  7. All students must stay with their teachers. In case you do get separated and become lost, walk down hill until you find a road and then stay near it. The only exception to this rule is if you have already crossed the ridge road, then you must walk back up hill until you come back to the ridge road and stay there until you are picked up. Do not accept a ride from anyone, unless you know them or recognize them from The Center. All Mill Hollow Staff will carry Mill Hollow Identification When near The Center, stay within sight and sound of the buildings - never leave The Center alone.
  8. Report any accident or illness to your teacher, Cabin Counselor or a manager immediately.
  9. A short period of rest after meals is both desirable and beneficial. Heavy exercises (running) should not be done the first day after you arrive at The Center because of the high altitude.
  10. While in the vicinity of the Center, rest rooms are provided and must be used.
  11. All kinds of fireworks, matches and other combustible materials are forbidden at Mill Hollow and the surrounding forest area. Please report all unauthorized fires to teachers, or a member of the Mill Hollow staff at once.
  12. The use of tobacco, drinking of alcoholic beverages, use of illegal substances, gambling, viewing pornographic materials or the use of firearms by students is strictly prohibited.
  13. While hiking on established trails please remain on the trails and do not take shortcuts. It may save a little time, but causes a great amount of damage to the environment.
  14. We must insist on the separation of boys and girls inside the cabins day or night.
  15. Respect other student’s property, climbing in and out of cabin windows is not allowed. Adult supervisors must be present when students are inside the cabins.
  16. Consideration of others, politeness and friendliness should be extended to all students and staff.
  17. Participants should promptly perform duties assigned by Staff, Teachers or the Manager.
  18. Throwing rocks, sticks other objects, or harassing the animals will not be tolerated.
  19. Do drink plenty of liquids but do not drink out of streams because of possible contamination.
  20. We must ask each of you to walk only on the sidewalks and paths around The Center area - please do not walk across the grass to short cut.
  21. The sewer lagoons at Mill Hollow should be considered contaminated and potentially dangerous. Students should not go inside the fence.
  22. This is a multi-use forest area. Cattle and sheep grazing are part of the forest management program. Do not disturb those animals.
  23. Items that are for sale in the Trading Post (located in the basement of Cabin 5) include the following: songbooks, trail guides, boondoggle, t-shirts and some personal items. Prices are comparable to those in the Salt Lake Valley. Students are encouraged to use their money wisely and with restraint. Aluminum cans and plastic pop bottles may be returned to the Trading Post for a five cent refund if they are marked and crushed. They are then hauled down to Park City to be recycled.
  24. Because of a limited water supply during some dry periods, it may be necessary to have the cooperation of the students to help conserve water by restricting showers, hair washing, etc. Please do not waste water at any time.
  25. Meal schedules: Breakfast - 7:30 & 8:00 a.m.; Lunch - 12:00 & 12:30; Dinner -5:00 & 5:30. Your schedule will be assigned when you arrive.
  26. Games and recreation time will be from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. under the direction of your Cabin Counselor.
  27. Teachers are responsible for letting students into the cabins during the day time instructional periods.
  28. Be careful, have fun, and discover how learning can be an adventure!
Group and Group Leader Info

Registered groups with four or more campers receive a special discount per camper. Click here for special pricing details

Registering your group is easy! Go to our Group Leader page for details and instructions on group registration and applying as a Group Leader.

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